BeAngels communications re-imagined – a ‘matchmaker’ for Belgian start-ups and investors.
  1. Brief

    BeAngels is a well-known group among Belgian investors and entrepreneurs. Their team called on Reed to boost their profile and communication tools.

  2. Solution

    We wanted to unify and clarify communication aimed at two distinct target audiences with one simple, ambitious message: Where the smart money is.

  3. Results

    A strong strategic base which made possible the development of a refreshed identity, a web platform and dynamic content echoing the image of their team.


A community that build the business of tomorrow

During our immersion phase we quickly learnt that BeAngels had strong assets which surpassed the provision of funds. Seeking funds is no longer the only criterion for a start-up, and this is good news: it was not the only thing that BeAngels could provide.

Experience + Network + Money

Funds are important, but a business angel brings experience, advice and most of all, a network. This is the message we wanted to collate, to make it clear and direct.

Brand identity

Identity is not simply a logo, it’s also the manner in which a brand expresses itself, and we wanted this to be as ambitious as possible. We suggested that BeAngels use a more assertive tone of voice, inspired by the direct style of Claire Munck and her team.

BeAngels, where the smart money is.

Investing with BeAngels means developing your assets, but also meeting entrepreneurs with huge potential who will head up the long-term companies in the Belgium of tomorrow.

Once the nature of the communications has been agreed upon, it’s important that the strategic vision is translated into strong, coherent visuals.

We collaborated with Lorena Foucher to create a world of graphics all in line with this image, as well as Maud Samaha and Lou Verschueren on the photo shoot.


The fact that BeAngels has two separate audiences of course has a direct impact on the website too. Our work was also focused on bringing more clarity to their site with a simple promise: to build relationships between competent and motivated people.

Of course, each of our audiences has specific requirements, to which we have responded on different sections of the site.

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Technology and CMS

Technically, we placed particular importance on fluidity, loading speed and content enhancement to make the website more readable.

Furthermore, we opted for CMS Craft, which allows for simple and effective website management.

We believe a user-friendly and flexible CMS is key to the success of a digital product; the internal team needs to be able to manage updates with maximum autonomy while using our support to keep the overall quality at a high level.

Content strategy

To showcase the experience and brainpower available at BeAngels, we suggested two types of content: added-value content for their two audiences.

  1. In-depth articles on supported projects focusing on the Business Angel/Founder relationship.

  2. A series of videos called ‘Ask the Angels’ featuring a host of questions investors and entrepreneurs ask themselves, answered directly by ‘Angels’ members.

This content is ultimately created and completed by the members and makes it possible to address all types of BeAngels audiences. It also helps confirm BeAngels' ‘smart money’ vision, provides relevant information to an audience and saves time for the entire chain.

We of course adapted the graphic design to suit moving video, so as to create a coherent world and allow BeAngels to affirm its place as a driving force and help the community mature.

And beyond : Scale Investment Fund

As well BeAngels’ overall communications, we integrated a ‘communication kit’ for a new project: The Scale Investment Fund. More than a fund, this is a development tool aimed at supporting start-ups in their growth phase.

This fund is related to BeAngels but has its own autonomy and a more international target. For this reason, we collaborated with ‘Scale’ to complete the structure, design and development of the website.

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